Stories from the War Years

Historic war sites – Story locations – Told by the field mail

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Kriegshistorische Stätten – Schauplätze der Geschichten – Was die Feldpost über den Krieg erzählt

War in the woods and partisan attacks

  • Duration approx. 6 h (depending on stops)
  • Length 255 km



Departure & Return


A. III Army Corps Memorial (III Armeijakunnan muistomerkki)

(In front of the Karhuntassu tourism and culture center), Torangintaival 2, Kuusamo

(distance 50 km)


B. Memorial to the victims of partisans (Partisaanien uhrien muistomerkki), Kurvisentie 83-85, Kuusamo

(distance 29 km)


C. Reindeer herder Antti Karvonen memorial (Poromies Antti Karvosen muistomerkki), Hossantie 261, Suomussalmi

(distance 34 km)


D. Lehtovaara memorial (Lehtovaaran muistomerkki), Lehtovaarantie 62, Suomussalmi

(distance 40 km)


E. Alassalmi memorial (Alassalmen muistomerkki), Viitostie 801, Suomussalmi

(distance 22 km)


F. Niilo Manninen memorial (Niilo Mannisen muistomerkki), Nuottivaarantie 6, Taivalkoski

Driving directions to the memorial: from E63 when turning onto Nuottivaarantie continue forward approx. 400 m and turn left, drive approx. 200 m and the memorial is on the left side of the road.

(distance 56 km)


G. Memorial to the victims of partisans and Kuolio border station (Kuolion raja-asema ja desanttien uhrien muistomerkki), Ouluntie 217, Kuusamo

(distance 22 km)


H. Karhuntassu Tourism and Culture Center (Matkailukeskus Karhuntassu), Torangintaival 2, Kuusamo

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Other points of interest and nearby cafes/restaurants and various accommodation options are also marked on the route map.

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