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Kriegshistorische Stätten – Schauplätze der Geschichten – Was die Feldpost über den Krieg erzählt

Military heritage cycling route in Kuhmo: culture, rapids and tales of the winter war

  • Duration approx. 3-4 h (depending on stops) + Pajakkakoski Vetomöljä rapids walking tour
  • Length 11 km + optional 1.5 km walking on Pajakkakoski (Vetomöljä rapids route)


Departure & Return


A. Winter War Museum (Talvisotamuseo), Väinämöinen 11, Kuhmo

(distance 2.7 km)


B. Karelian Orthodox Church (Karjalan valistajien kirkko), Koulukatu 47, Kuhmo

(distance 1 km)


C. Memorial to the victims of Kuhmo’s partisan attacks, in the courtyard of chapel (Partisaani-iskujen muistomerkki), Kappelikuja 2, Kuhmo

(distance 600 m)


D. War cemetary (Sankarihautausmaa), Kainuuntie 64, Kuhmo

Note! When you move from the war cemetery in the direction of the city library / Pajakkakoski rapids, you can choose the lakeside route (Rantareitti – Kirkkotie) or the route through the city center (Kainuuntie – Kirkkotie).

(distance 1.3 km)


E. Kuhmo city library (Kuhmon kaupunginkirjasto), Pajakkakatu 2, Kuhmo

(distance 250 m)


F. Tuupala Museum (Tuupalan museo), Tervatie 1, Kuhmo

(distance 650 m)

Note! To this you can add the Vetomöljä walking route on the banks of Pajakkakoski rapids (see map point), which will add approx. 1,5 km


G. Juminkeko (Kalevala culture center), Kontionkatu 25, Kuhmo

(distance 600 m)


H. Veteran’s memorial, in front of Kuhmo house (Kuhmo-talo / Kuhmo Arts Center, Koulukatu 1, Kuhmo

(distance 3.3 km)


I. Winter War Museum (Talvisotamuseo), Väinämöinen 11, Kuhmo



Other points of interest and nearby cafes/restaurants and various accommodation options are also marked on the route map.

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