Stories from the War Years

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Kriegshistorische Stätten – Schauplätze der Geschichten – Was die Feldpost über den Krieg erzählt

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Stories from the war years 1939-45 / tours (1-3 days)

Whether you travel alone, in pairs or with a group, our war history tour routes in Kainuu and Koillismaa comprehensively present the stories and events of the war years in the region. Check out our ‘Stories from the war years 1939-45’ route suggestions! By combining routes, you can choose a one-, two- or three-day tour option. Start the tour, for example, by exploring the exhibitions of the Winter War Museum in Kuhmo, see the famous battle sites of Raate road in Suomussalmi, continue to the places of the German-built Kenttärata (trench railway) in Taivalkoski and end the trip at the Kuusamo Salpa line fortress area. Including other attractions along the route as well as various travel services (e.g. cafes, restaurants). On the route map you will also find nearby accommodation facilities and contact information for the local tourist office. Welcome to military heritage tour in the Northeast Finland!